Miss Medusa's Monstrous Menagerie #1-2

Created by Unlikely Heroes Studios

Mistress in the ring, snake in the grass - she'll do anything to get THAT CA$H.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Digital Book is out!!
about 1 month ago – Sun, Jan 08, 2023 at 07:27:24 PM

Hey all!! Miss Medusa #2 is out to backers now!! Recheck your Backerkit survey for the download link if you don't see it in your email, or feel free to message us for the link!! We're sending it to the printer tonight as well and hopefully will get the print edition out ASAP!! Hope you love the book!!! :) 

3 months ago – Wed, Nov 09, 2022 at 01:04:02 AM

Hey guys!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We're about 5 pages short from being done coloring the book, and then just need to have it lettered by the most excellent Matt Krotzer before sending it out to print!! In the meantime, we wait for our money to come in (it takes two freakin' weeks!) and send out surveys via Backerkit!! 

We are sending out smoke test surveys today, and the rest of them in the days to follow, so if you do not receive a survey by the end of the week, feel free to message us and we can send you the link!! We've also included some fun bonus goodies in Backerkit, so take a second to browse around when you get there! :) 

Love you all!! 

The Final Moments, plus a NEW STRETCH GOAL!
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 04, 2022 at 04:08:32 AM

Hey everybody!

We're in the final hours and we've hit the $10k stretch goal, so everyone who's getting a magnet set will now be getting the Stavros magnet as well! We've added one more stretch goal at $12.5k, which will unlock a HOLOFOIL COVER for the sideshow edition!

Thank you all so much for helping bring this second issue of Miss Medusa's Monstrous Menagerie to life!  

Time is running out!


While you're here, check out these campaigns that our friends are running!

First up is FIVE STAR by Freestyle Komics: BACK IT HERE NOW!

"When an experimental treatment for kidney cancer goes sideways, Kevin Terry's blood cells begin absorbing energy at an unprecedented rate, transforming him into the superpowered dynamo known as FiveStar!"  

Kevin Terry is FIVESTAR; art by Ryan Robinson

Next up is Kat Calamia with SLICE OF LIFE #1-3: BACK IT HERE NOW!

"When gritty anime protagonist, Lady Vengeance, is brought to the real world by a super fan, she'll learn there's more to life than darkness and revenge...and she'll find love with the super fan's twin sister - a kind-hearted cheerleader."  

Kat Calamia's Slice of Life; art by PapurrCat

Finally, check out Ben Lacy's CTHULHU MAN: BACK IT HERE NOW!

"Brilliant but unhinged scientist and neurosurgeon, Dr. Brook Douglas, has gotten rich selling cybernetic monsters to criminal syndicates, and she co-created the Shark of War. Now she's going to the next level - human experimentation."  


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! FREE SHIT!! The circus is just getting started!
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 01, 2022 at 08:41:04 PM

Happy Halloween/Samhain/Spooky Day to all of you lovely backers!!! We have three days to go on this campaign and we've rocketed past another stretch goal -- ALL physical backers will receive an awesome Shelly Shellycoat-Pipe postcard, as well as F*ck Around and Find Out metal bookmark!! 

Next up, at $10,000: All backers receiving a magnet set will get a FOURTH bonus magnet, of Stavros, our favorite Cretan, so share share share and tell your friends!: 

Also, don't forget our QUAD CAMPAIGN CROSS PROMO is still running, check the main campaign feed to find out how to get the AMAZING Badass Ladies metal print by Von Randal!!! 

Last but not least, if you want to check out some other fantastic campaigns before they close out: 

Our amazing talented friend, Moana McAdams, is running another campaign for a stunning book: Journey to 'Ikuā - An all ages hardcover fantasy adventure!  BACK IT HERE RIGHT NOW!! They need some help hitting the goal, so any shares or backers would be hugely appreciated, and check out this AWESOME artwork:

  • It is a 32-page premium hardcover picture book full of beautiful illustrations inspired by the rich history and indigenous culture of the Pacific Islands, created by a diverse creative team
  • A bi-lingual story told in both ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian) and English
  • A durable premium hardcover that will stand up to countless bedtime readings.
  • Printable activity sheets to enhance learning from the book ( In high demand from parents, caregivers, and teachers!)
  • Mid-tier rewards include our comic book series, the Wildcard Chronicles, Chat and Draw Commissions from Michael Watson, spotlight interviews on the Moana Nui Podcast, exclusive custom digital painting commissions from our illustrator Ryan Robinson, and more!
  • Higher tier rewards include, Retailer Exclusive Tiers, Name a Henchman, Become a Warrior Tuckerization, and more!

Next, we have our OTHER amazing and talented friend and author, Malachi Bailey, who has adapted his fantastic novel, HER, into a comic book. You can get the novels AND the comic on his campaign, along with some other really awesome premiums!!! BACK IT HERE RIGHT NOW!!

If you enjoy superhero comics, Her - First Impressions is a comic of mystery and intrigue that will keep you fascinated for all 23 pages! Brought to you by creator Malachi Bailey, penciler Dino Agor, and colorist Nimesh Moraji. Letters by RuneMakerz and published by our partners in crime, Wingless Comics!

Her #1 is the eagerly anticipated ongoing series from Wingless Comics. Hot off the heels of Nightfall, the spotlight is now on the "First Lady of Wingless!" The debut issue reveals Safronia finding herself in San Francisco, acclimating to a world that she no longer recognizes.  But lifetimes beyond count mean there are enemies waiting in the shadows prepared to strike!

Finally, please take the time to check out Bad Bug Media's ROSEBLOOD MANOR #1 FOR SPOOKY SEASON: BACK IT HERE RIGHT NOW!

The legendary haunted mansion takes center stage in this ongoing anthology series.


  • Fans of  American Horror Stories, Tales from the Crypt, Twilight Zone, Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside,  Eerie Magazine, House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Outer Limits, Night Gallery, and other horror anthologies.
  • The super sexy and charismatic energy of horror icon, Elvira.
  • Monsters, ghosts, demons, and, you know, all that lovely stuff.


  • A sexy and spooky single issue horror anthology comic book totaling 40 pages with 4 short stories fully illustrated in color.
  • Mature audiences ONLY! This book contains strong language, sexual content, and, of course, gore.

4 months ago – Tue, Oct 25, 2022 at 08:22:57 PM

WOOOOO!!! Thank you all so much!!!! We've hit that first stretch goal and unlocked the F*ck Around and Find Out metal bookmark for all physical tier backers!!

Next up, DID YOU KNOW, Miss Medusa's circus employs monsters from all 7 continents?  Her distinguished competitors, at best, only have 6.  That's because Ms. Shelly Shellycoat-pipe is a Ningen, the only known living Antarctic Mythic.*  And if we hit our next stretch goal, we'll be making these lovely postcards of her for all physical backers!!!

*(The cowardly rumor that Shelly's just an albino Mermaid from Nassau is a complete fabrication, and Miss Medusa's Monstrous Menagerie Ltd will absolutely sue anyone who perpetuates it.  Thank you for your time.)

While we work on raising the money to keep the circus in business, we have a few other projects to show off!!


One of our FAVORITE creators, Felipe Cagno, has launched another issue of THE FEW AND CURSED, which is a book we never pass up on Kickstarter!! He is a phenomenal creator and always delivers beautiful books we love to read!! BACK IT HERE RIGHT NOW!!

Red is back doing what she does best... survive! They're continuing The Great Deluge storyline with another chapter after an immensely successful campaign last year with issue #7 following the events of the Crows of Mana'Olana story (collected as a trade paperback and available on this campaign as well!)

THE FEW AND CURSED: The Great Deluge is a brand new mini-series that pits the Redhead in a race against the Rapture Klan as they search for the Ark of Noah to trigger a new apocalypse and reset the world - no matter how many people are killed in the process.

This is the Kickstarter campaign to publish the 32-page issue #8, the second part of a planned new six-issue mini-series and the first appearance of The Rapture Klan!

Second, we have another comic led by a badass lady -- SCORPIANA! BACK IT HERE RIGHT NOW!

Set in a world populated with colorful metahuman heroes and villains, Elena Santos, aka Scorpiana, and her sister Maria were abducted and suffered unspeakable experimentation through exposure to the mysterious substance called Quantium. It proved fatal to the many previous test subjects before them, but the Santos sisters survived! Initially left for dead, Elena awoke in a mass grave, hell-bent on revenge and determined to rescue her sibling!

Scorpiana's mission of vengeance continues in issue #4 as she and her allies move to confront Pluto Mohr, the mad scientist keeping Elena's sister Maria incapacitated. Just as he moves to dissect her alive, Maria awakens! What will this mean for her -- and for Mohr?

With a badass story AND boobies, where can you go wrong? :P 

Finally, we have our good friends at Dren Productions, who have launched a DUNGEONS AND DIMWITS comic!! BACK IT HERE RIGHT NOW!!

Bringing comics and D&D together!!! If we can't poke fun at ourselves, who can we poke fun at? Imagine those silly and sarcastic comments made by the players actually being things their characters say in the game. Imagine those crazy situations that come up while playing being illustrated. This is what this book is about, and this is why we created it. We have to laugh at ourselves and the silly things we do when we play. Art for the book is by the awesome Kodaris,  a self-taught digital artist from Argentina,  specializing in humorous cartoons and character design.